Funky Planet: Iron Hawk Radio Controlled Helicopter Review

Iron Hawk RC Helicopter Review

The MyWebRC Iron Hawk Helicopter is a 12 inch radio controlled helicopter with a 2-speed engine that features an auto-stabilizer (gyro), 6 direction control (360° control) and a  rechargeable battery and charger.

We received a green MyWebRC Iron Hawk Helicopter to try out and we love how light, slender and stable the helicopter is.

My husband had some fun playing with it when it arrived and our  2 1/2 year old son was very excited to see a helicopter flying all around our house.

Iron Hawk RC Helicopter Review
Iron Hawk RC Helicopter Review
Iron Hawk RC Helicopter control remote

The Iron Hawk Helicopter is perfect for indoor play although it can be flown outdoors (with no wind/breeze). Since it has been pretty windy outside we haven’t had a chance to try the helicopter outdoors, our review is based on indoor play only.

The Iron Hawk Helicopter is the perfect first radio controlled helicopter for someone who has never flown one before because it is stable and it survives crash after crash.  It is also a wonderful toy for older children (recommended age is 14+).

The Iron Hawk Helicopter has 2 speed changes, on and off front-light control, 3-channels and a built-in gyroscope. The remote also offers a turbo button that allows it to go really fast, making it super fun to fly.

This aluminim-frame helicopter gives you up to 10 minutes of fly time before it needs a recharge. The package comes with an ac-charger that allows you to recharge it easily (60-80 minutes for a full charge). It also includes a replacement tail-rotor (blade) and two spare buckles.

Iron Hawk RC Helicopter Review

Something extra that you get is a webCard for access to an online 3D RC simulator game that is fun to play, especially while you wait for the helicopter to charge. The game is perfect  for fine tuning your flying skills.

Iron Hawk RC Helicopter Review
Iron Hawk RC Helicopter Review

The Iron Hawk Helicopter comes with everything you need to start playing with it right away and it is sure to be a big hit with your child. I recommend you visit Funky Planet’s website to read more about it and their other remote controlled toys.

Check out a video of the Iron Hawk Helicopter in action below:

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. no I have never flown a remote control helicopter

  2. My husband owned a radio controlled helicopter a couple years ago. It has since broke. I’d love to win this one for my teenage son. Thanks.

  3. We owned a helicopter a few years ago, but it broke and my boys have been wanting a new one.

  4. I have not but my fiance has and says its a blast!

  5. No I haven’t but they seem fun!

  6. Yes I have flown my son-in-laws and i love it.

  7. I have not, my nephew had one I watched him fly

  8. I have never flown one before, but boy would my son in law have a blast flying this around for my grandsons to watch!

  9. no I have not looks like fun

  10. I have not, but my husband has!

  11. no, I have not

  12. No I have never flown a remote controlled helicopter.

  13. No I havent…and i think this would be an awesome thing to do with my family

  14. I have flown some. My oldest son has a small collection of them

  15. Oh my goodness, thank you for the review! ! I’ve been looking for a remote control helicopter for my son for his birthday because he’s been wanting one. He love’s playing with Papa’s when we go over to his house! Yes, we’ve flown them, so much fun! I’ll definitely have to check these out!

  16. I have not but my son has.

  17. I have! So much fun!

  18. I have not flown a radio control heliocopter

  19. I haven’t, but my son would love this.

  20. I have tried flying one but I wasn’t very good at it.

  21. No but my husband loves them

  22. I haven’t ever flown one of these but my nephews have a smaller version and they love it. My kids would love to have one of their own!

  23. No, I haven’t. I know my sweet husband would love this and, hopefully, would share with our grandson 🙂

  24. No, but they look fun.
    Thanks for the chance.

  25. no, I haven’t

  26. Yes, I have. They are so cool.

  27. I’ve never flown a radio controlled helicopter.

  28. Nope, I haven’t but they look so fun at the mall.

  29. I’ve never flown one, but they look like fun!

  30. Never have, but looks like fun!

  31. no I haven’t but my children and grandchildren have and they had lots of fun with it.

  32. no i havent but would love to

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  34. Yes very fun but never had one of my own


  36. yes! my dad use to own one!

  37. I’ve never flown a radio controlled helicopter but would love to try it!

  38. Yes…In the mall 🙂

  39. Yes – we bought something similar when we were in Vegas. The infrared kept tripping the silent fire alarm. Security came to our room 4 times before we figured out what was happening. My husband sure had a great time with that until one of the grandkids broke it.

  40. we have never flown one before, but my older kids would love to!

  41. I never flown a radio controlled helicopter but would love to.

  42. No, but my second oldest son got one for Christmas from his girlfriend and he was having a lot of fun with it.

  43. No, I have never flown one before.

  44. Nope, but I would love to fly one.

  45. No, but my husband has

  46. No, never had an opportunity. Not even an electric car

  47. I haven’t flown one but it really sounds fun!

  48. I have not, I would be too scared I would crash it and it would break. My son loves stuff like this though and has flow a couple smaller ones.


  50. no I never have but they look like fun

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  52. no. I’m not that coordinated. LOL

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  62. Yes – but it didn’t work very well and quickly was destroyed through crashes. hope this one goes better.

  63. I have never flown one but my husband put one on the roof. He would love to have a new one.

  64. No! But its about time 🙂

  65. YES! It is great fun! I haven’t done it in years because I don’t currently own one, so I would LOVE to win!

  66. We have 4 of them. My hubby and son love them!

  67. No, I haven’t

  68. I have never owned any remote controled helicoptor, but I would like to own this one!

  69. YEs, we love them!!

  70. My youngest step son had one (cheap version) and was broken when the dog jumped up to get it, would love to replace it for him to a cooler one!

  71. My husband loves these things. I broke the one he had because he accidently flew it into my eye! Lol. So I am willing to try and win him a new one. Haha

  72. I have not

  73. My son is crazy for RC flying machines! We’ve flown many RC helis (some good, some pretty horrible) and planes as well!

  74. yes, they are a ton of fun!!

  75. No, I’ve never flown one but I’d be happy to watch my grandson fly one.

  76. No, I have never flown one 🙂

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  79. I haven’t but my son has this helicopter and it is pretty cool. If I would win this I have a little boy who is 4 yrs old that comes into the store where I work, he has to have his 3rd open heart surgery this august and I would love to give it to him, just to see the gleem in his eye.

  80. i want this

  81. No but it looks like fun!

  82. I never have!

  83. Yes, I have flown one. That was a long time ago and I would really like to win this for my sons!
    Ross Olson

  84. no i have not, but was looking into getting one for my older sons

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  87. No, I’ve never flown one.

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  89. I have, but not one as nice as this one!

  90. No, I’ve never flown one but it looks fun!

  91. I cannot even tell you how much my husband would love this!!!

  92. my sons been asking for one to take to the park this summer

  93. This new year I bought this fun loving copter for my 5 year son. It was amazing gift for my son. It is easy to flying and give great fun.

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