Gandhara Designs: Air and Earth Kenyan Necklace {Giveaway}


Welcome to the official Earth Tribe Baby Company’s 30 Day Social Enterprise Celebration!

Earth Tribe Baby Company has a very unique business model, where all of their products are manufactured in our communities, with a focus on working with stay at home parents, First Nations or individuals with disabilities. By creating flexible work, they provide a platform for financial independence – allowing people to make decisions which better themselves and the communities we share. Be sure to visit their website to check out the products they offer!

And to celebrate the launch of their fantastic journey, we have partnered with them and other like minded businesses and bloggers to offer 30 days of back to back giveaways, product reviews and discount days!

The giveaway

Today we are giving away a gorgeous Air and Earth Kenyan Necklace from Gandhara Designs.  Here is some info about Gandhara Designs from their website:

“We are an exclusive online boutique specializing in one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality artisanal jewellery and  accessories that are hand-crafted by artisans around the world using centuries-old techniques and master craftsmanship. We are the sole Canadian retailer of many of our products, making them attractive to globally-conscious buyers seeking unique pieces that increase in value and can be passed down through the generations.

Built upon a Direct Trade model of social entrepreneurship, Gandhara Designs empowers artisans across the developing world to end their own poverty and become active agents of social change. The Direct Trade model means that, wherever possible, we work directly with the artisan to purchase their crafts at their asking market price. In cases where additional support is needed to ensure the highest standard of artisanal quality, we work with  locally-based value adding organizations (e.g. Kazuri Fair Trade Cooperative and Zardozi: Markets for Afghan Artisans).”

Win it:

One lucky US/CAN reader will win a gorgeous Air and Earth Kenyan Necklace (pictured above)! Enter to win via Rafflecopter below, good luck!

Description: White hand-rolled beads dance with the colour and energy of the Northern Lights; they are grounded by smaller earth-brown beads. Wear this piece at work or at play and feel your spirits lift. Handcrafted with love in the Kazuri women’s cooperative in Kenya. 22 inch length. $65 value

Disclosure:  I received no compensation to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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