Billy Beats Dancing Piano & Super Stunt Test Facility Review

Hot Wheels Mega Bloks

We’ve had the chance to try a variety of Mega Bloks toys from both the First Builders and Hot Wheels lines and we love that the toys are all very durable, they help develop creativity and keep children entertained for hours.

This time we received the new Mega Bloks First Builders Billy Beats Dancing Piano and the Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility toys to review.

Dancing Piano Mega Bloks
Mega Bloks First Builders Billy Beats Dancing Piano

This colourful little piano is great for dancing and playing along. It has three different modes of play: Dance with Billy, Teach Me and Free Play. Little ones press the light-up block keys to watch Billy dance and play one of eight different pre-programmed songs, they can also build their own songs and follow along or play different sounds including a Piano, Animal sounds and DJ/Party effects.

Billy Beats is a very interactive toy that keeps little ones entertained for hours and it’s lots of fun to play. 8 First Builders blocks are included and they can be securely stored away under his big red hat. With the blocks children can build and play/listen to music at the same time!

My son loves the little dancing piano and he really enjoys making his own “music” with the whacky DJ and funny animal sounds. He is already a big fan of Mega Bloks building blocks so having the blocks inside the piano adds to the fun and it’s an invitation to create and build.


  • 3 modes of play: Dance with Billy, Teach Me and Free Play
  • 8 colored light-up keys that can play single notes or 8 pre-programmed songs
  • Sheet music on stickers included to build and stack a song to follow along
  • Cool Piano, Whacky DJ and Funny Animal sounds with on/off switch
  • Includes 8 First Builders blocks
  • Requires 3 C batteries (included)
  • Ages 1-5

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels
The Super Stunt Test Facility from Mega Bloks Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility is recommended for children ages 5 and up. This fun buildable stunt facility is adjustable and it has a multi-mode ramp, Turbo Tire launcher, a”Bone Shaker” vehicle and two Team Red drivers.

The box comes with multiple little bags that contain all the parts needed to put it all together. It’s worth noting that this is not a toy for younger toddlers, there are a lot of very small pieces and it takes some time to finish putting it all together. I always build these with my son and I am also supervising the entire time.

My son and I have built several of these toys so we are very familiar with the process and he loves helping with the instructions and finding specific pieces to build.  We really enjoy the process and he loves when he gets to play with the finished product.

The Super Stunt Test Facility is a lot of fun to play with after it’s built. The Turbo Tire launcher is really cool and my son loves having the car go up the ramps.

Hot Wheels Mega Bloks

  • Rebuildable Super Stunt Test Facility playset
  • Adjustable multi-mode ramp
  • Customizable Bone Shaker™ with chrome skull fender
  • Cool Turbo Tire launcher for instant top speed!
  • Two collectible Team Red action figures
  • Ages 5+

We are big fans of the Mega Bloks First Builders and the Mega Bloks Hot Wheels line. They both feature wonderful toys that are entertaining and fun!


Mega Bloks Piano

Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will win a Mega Bloks – Billy Beats Dancing Piano like the one we tried ($40 value). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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197 responses to “Billy Beats Dancing Piano & Super Stunt Test Facility Review”

  1. My youngest would love making his own music!

  2. i love that its a good workable size for small hands, plus it plays music and inspires so much creativity

  3. i love that its fun for kids of all ages , my daughters 9 and still plays with her little brother

  4. I love that Mega Bloks promotes creativity in kids!

  5. The durability of megabloks is great!

  6. I love that it’s not only for toddlers

  7. I like that they are made for all ages

  8. I love that it actually plays music!

  9. I love that they look like they will keep a child’s interest.

  10. I was JUST reading about the Billy Beats piano in Parenting Canada magazine today and thinking it’d make a good Christmas present for my son… I love that they can make their own music with the animal sounds and stuff.

  11. that there is room for lots of imagination – it’s a really creative toy for kids.

  12. i love that they are a fair size for the kids to play with and that they are not breakable too kids can come up with imaginable ideas to make things with these blocks and also grow up to become consturction workers, engineers for buildings. and other things it’s amazing what these building blocks can teach kids nowadays

  13. I love that it plays music.

  14. I love that they can be used creatively by children and can be a new toy every time they play with it.

  15. I love that its a different toy every time and inspires the kids to be creative.

  16. I love that mega bloks brings out the creativity in kids and they are easy for the kids to put together without much assistance.

  17. thank you for having such an great giveaway. My 19m old would love this!

  18. I love that they are durable and easy to hold!

  19. i love how they are durable, and keep kids entertained for hours!

  20. Mega blocks are safe and fun loving for kids because of their wonderful big blocks and colours to hold in their tiny hands to make funny stuffs,my son loves cars and this would be great activity for winter as he loves building cars and spending hours playing with them.

  21. I love that they are durable! That is a must with two boys under 5!

  22. My kids love mega blocks, there are perfect for babies to build and use their imaginations.

  23. I like that it plays music and they are great quality.

  24. I love that these blocks interlock and are a great size for little hands. Mega Blocks are on our list for a Christmas gift for our son this year. He will be 19 months old then and already loves the blocks he has, so it’s definitely time for more.

  25. I love that they are interactive and help with fine motor skills!

  26. I love that Mega Bloks makes toys fro different age groups

  27. i like that they are big enough for little hands to manage and are made for different age groups

  28. I like the sounds and interactions that kids can have with MegaBlocks!

  29. I love that the kids can build their own songs and follow along or play different sounds including a Piano, Animal sounds and DJ/Party effect

  30. I love that they have products that are so bright and exciting for every age group!

  31. I love that they are fun for all age groups.

  32. For the Billy Beats, I love that it lights up!

  33. I love that the mega blocks are easy to handle for my granddaughters. I love the bright vibrant colors. As well I love all the time they spend creating new things and have wonderful stories to go with the things they make. They are an interactive toy and they love when I sit down on the floor with them and build something too. The girls have a box of mega blocks but really could us some more :). Even the big ones get lost lol

  34. The durability and that they inspire creativity

  35. that my son can make up his on music he is always dancing and singing around the house would love to see what he comes up with

  36. I like that they very durable, they help develop creativity and keep children entertained for hours.

  37. I appreciate how well made they are & how colourful they are as well. Kids love them!

  38. I really like that there are 3 modes of play: Dance with Billy, Teach Me and Free Play, so there are so many things a child can play and not get board of it, thank you:)

  39. I love the different size blocks so the smaller kids can play to

  40. I just love that my kids have so much fun playing with them. I like that they are nice and big for little hands and not so easily swallowed… 😀

  41. that I can mix and match them, we’ve received so many different sets as gifts but they all work together

  42. I like that they are colourful and inspire creativity.

  43. I like that they’re colorful and interactive.

  44. I love that it plays music.

  45. I like that the Mega Blocks toys are educational but fun at the same time:)

  46. i love that you can be so creative with them!

  47. I love that Mega Bloks allow children to be creative and work with their hands. I love that the Dancing Piano plays music and lights up. My daughter will think that is great.

  48. I love the choice of play!

  49. This looks awesome

  50. I like how colorful and durable Mega Bloks are

  51. I love that they are very interactive toys.

  52. Love the Music

  53. I love that it includes 3 modes of play: Dance with Billy, Teach Me and Free Play, both of my kids would have so much fun playing with this!

  54. I love that all ages can play with them and also that it is a very good toy to help those with special needs re autism, fine and gross motor skills My son loves them

  55. I like that it really plays music and very colorful for younger kids

  56. I like that they allow kids to be creative and can be combined with other sets.

  57. i loev the colours and that they are safe for little kids 🙂

  58. I think we would like them! I like that it plays music too so that’s something else to help keep my toddlers attention more than just the blocks itself.

  59. I like that Mega Bloks are durable.

  60. I love how they are durable and a great size for my toddler.

  61. I like that there are animal sounds as well as the actual piano sounds, and that there are blocks to keep them entertained if they just want to listen to the music and not make their own.

  62. I love that they promote eye hand cordination.

  63. I dont have to worry about my little one chocking

  64. I like that it plays music and they are great for kids…

  65. Music is so important. These look like they would be so much fun.

  66. I like the durability.
    Thanks for the chance.

  67. I love that it plays music and lights up 🙂

  68. I love the variety – it leads to endless hours of creativity.

  69. I love that they are safe enough so children will not be able to swallow them.

  70. I love that it promotes creativity in kids

  71. I like that they can build and have music at the same time!

  72. they are great for little kidddies, colourful, & will last

  73. i love that mega blocks are great for so many ages!

  74. I like Mega Bloks because their toys go from toddler to age 8+, a lot of choices.

  75. I love how durable they are

  76. Mega blocks are definitely made for all ages. My husband loves to build stuff with kids 🙂

  77. I love that they can make their own music dj style!

  78. Like that it plays music

  79. They are durable and so colorful.

  80. Love how its for all ages, I see this being a toy that my 3yr old & 16 month old could really enjoy and play togeather with

  81. I like that it ages are 1-5 years. The little kids can dance and watch the lights and the older kids can build.

  82. That they are big enough for the little hands to use easily!

  83. I love that it actually plays music!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. I love that it lasts forever and they can play with it for such a long time.

  85. My son would love this….he would be so ecstatic with never ending play.

  86. I like that you can interact with them.

  87. I like the ability to make different things

  88. it’s fun and educational

  89. I love how cute they are and how they are made for all ages, also colorful and durable

  90. I love that they are for all ages so that the little ones can play too!

  91. I Love That Mega Bloks Products Are Creative, Interactive, And Make Playtime Fun!

  92. love that they are durable and will entertain the kids for hours

  93. I like the fact that they are durable and I especially like the Hot Wheels one with the ramps and launcher. I can see my grandson liking this set. The other set is cute because it makes music.

  94. I love that it plays music,my little girl loves music 🙂

  95. the creativity and the way it encourages the arts

  96. I have 3 grandsons and another on the way and they would love it!

  97. I like that they are made for little ones to handle and colourful to grab their attention.

  98. I love that they play music & totally love that they develop creativity and imagination.

  99. they spark creativity, are durable, interchangable and interactive

  100. They play music and are very durable!

  101. I really like how durable they are. My son can be pretty rough on his mega blocks and they are great.

  102. they are very stimulating

  103. fun and educational both

  104. Based on the review, what I love about Mega Bloks products is the amount of creativity it leads the child to have.

  105. good for all ages!

  106. I love that they keep my grandson entertained for hours. Although he is only 16 mo. so he is just learning to put them together.

  107. I love that mega blocks brings out the creativity in children and that it plays music.

  108. I love all things mega blocks- and I love the bright colors!

  109. I think that their good for kids at any age to have fun with

  110. I like how sturdy they are because kids play rough.

  111. I love how Mega Bloks builds imaginations and how vibrant the colors are!

  112. I love how they last forever

  113. I love that they are durable and help develop creativity

  114. fun to play with and colorful

  115. It is creative and great fun for kids of all ages!

  116. I would love to win this for my nephew

  117. I like Mega Bloks because they help develop creativity.

  118. Mega Blocks , they are great and my son has grown up with them. Building is very important for self play and creativity in young kids

  119. I like that they are durable

  120. I love that it’s good for small hands

  121. I love that these toys help children discover colours, shapes and sounds on their own, without high-tech devices we have become so dependent on as a society. I also love that they come from a reputable and trusted company who pays attention to the details!

  122. I love the colours! Amazing! Bright!

  123. This would be excellent for my nephew!!!

  124. good for all ages

  125. I love how big the mega bloks are for little hands.

  126. I love the durability and the fact that I don’t want to cry when I step on one at night.

  127. I love Mega Bloks because they inspire imagination|!

  128. I love toys that kids can use their imagination and play with for hours of fun

  129. Our little guy would love to play with these…

  130. Best thing I read was that the batteries were INCL. – awesome. Nothing worse than forgetting batteries on Christmas day.

  131. I like that it easy to build with and there for all ages

  132. Wow, great product!

  133. I like the different block sizes.

  134. I like the different modes of play in the piano, and that it can hold their interest for a long time.

  135. they are so great for little hands and build imagination

  136. Great products for the imagination!

  137. I think it plays music

  138. that it is good for all ages

  139. They are durable and those big guys can go in the dishwasher! The music would be fun as well!

  140. October 14-Among other things, I like that children from one to five years find them interesting.

  141. I like the durability of Mega Bloks toys. I really dislike paying a high price for a toy that breaks in no time.

  142. nice interactive toy

  143. I like the imagination play and the durability of the product

  144. i love how durable they are

  145. They encourage creativity in kids!

  146. I like that it plays music.

  147. how creative kids can be

  148. I love the easy to use size for little hands, makes it user friendly for all ages!

  149. Such a cute idea!

  150. i love that they are a good workable size for small hands

  151. i love it plays music n is fun

  152. I love that the piano allows you to both build and make music. Kids are easily bored with a toy that has limited capabilities, so I think this would keep them entertained for a lot longer than other toys would.

  153. I love that kids can be so creative with them.

  154. love that they are Toddler oriented, interactive and that they come with First Mega Blocks ..

  155. I love that its designed for small hands and plays music. My granddaughter is only 18 months but she loves music and dancing.

  156. I love how you can use the mega blocks on other Mega Block toys.My grandson would love this Billy Beats he is just starting to dance around when he hears music so cute!

  157. The adjustable ramp. Makes it more interesting for my kids if I can change up their toys a bit.

  158. I like that it plays music with him, my son loves to dance.

  159. Mega Bloks were my son’s first building set. They were large enough pieces for him to handle by himself. These new sets incorporate music and storytelling to spark his imagination even further.

  160. I love the colours and I love how the pieces are huge so I should not be able to step on them like legos…LOL

  161. I like that t involves fun building

  162. I like that it is a tool to enable children to be creative

  163. I love the large pieces – makes picking up the mess easier and I love that it plays music

  164. That they make things for younger kids that they wont choke on.

  165. I love that they are are all very durable…

  166. I love that they are interactive! And the fact that my husband and I also enjoy playing with the blocks with our children

  167. I love many different options for age ranges mega bloks carries!

  168. My child would love the bright colors!

  169. I love that MegaBloks products can all be played with together

  170. I love that my son can learn while he is having fun. I also love that the larger pieces are perfect for little hands.


  171. I love that they are hands on and creative

  172. I like that they are made for all ages…

  173. I like that they are for all ages.

  174. Small enough to fit in the little hands and large enough not to be swallowed? Smile

  175. I love that they are colorful

  176. I like the hello kitty stuff

  177. I love how all the toys work with each other.

  178. I love that all my kids can play together, to build sets, houses, cars, zoo, they use them alot and everyone can play!

  179. I like the big red hat to close off the storage container

  180. I love that its for all ages!!!

  181. I love that Mega Bloks promotes creativity 🙂

  182. I love that they are big enough for easy assembly but still good enough for imaginative play!

  183. I love that Mega Bloks has something for every age.

  184. My son is almost 3 and he has been stalking this in the store. He always laughs at it and wants to play.

  185. I love the bright happy face!

  186. They keep the kids entertained because they can use their imaginations

  187. i love that they last a long time

  188. I love that it has a built in storage area.

  189. I love that there is so much to be with mega blocks.. giving hours of fun

  190. I like that it is interactive with the children.

  191. The size, ease to use and the overall appeal of being endlessly fun and creativeness.

  192. I love that Mega Bloks keeps my kids entertained for hours!

  193. I like that they’re durable

  194. I love that megablocks is creative and fun!

  195. I love how durable Mega Blocks are

  196. I love the interactivity of the Mega Bloks products – as an example, I love that the BIlly Beats piano has sheet music on stickers with it!

  197. My DD would love the music!!

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