Tubetime: The All-In-One Tv App & Remote


Tubetime is a brand new Canadian social TV app that is all about bringing TV viewers a fun, simple and richer TV experience.  This free all-in-one app features a channel guide, exclusive content and it turns your phone or tablet into a universal remote control.

To enjoy the universal remote feature, you will need to order a Connector ($9.95 with free shipping).

I recently downloaded the app on my iPhone and received one of their Connectors to try out. I was able to plug in the Connector into the phone’s headphone jack and after a quick set-up I started using my iPhone as a remote control for my TV and cable box. All while enjoying their user friendly channel guide.

Below you can see two screenshots of the app’s channel guide and the remote control feature:

Tubetime app

I love that I can easily browse the channel guide to find my favorite shows and movies. I can also easily set reminders, add “likes”, live tweet during TV shows I am watching and connect with other fans. Then with a simple touch I can control my TV and cable box to change channels and start watching immediately.


It is super easy to keep track of my favorite shows and ensure that I never miss them. I already keep track of my schedule and everything else on my iPhone so it makes sense to have it all in one app.  I am usually too busy to remember on my own so having the reminders is wonderful, I am not missing Doc Zone again!

Tubetime also offers exclusive content including contests and ways to share your own opinion about they shows you are watching.  You can also share the shows you are watching via Facebook or Twitter directly from the app.


Be sure to visit Tubetime for more details on how the app and the Connector work and download the FREE app on your iPhone from the App Store.


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13 responses to “Tubetime: The All-In-One Tv App & Remote”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be downloading their app.

  2. I’m totally getting this! Thank-you so much for sharing.

  3. Hello, OSM. I like that the channel and listing is posted under the volume and channel down buttons. This sound like a neat idea. I agree that it is great to track your favourite shows on the iPhone all in one app.

  4. That’s really cool.

  5. Say What?!?! This is so cool. I would love this if only I had an iPhone! Man technology is moving so fast these days it is incredible. Thanks for letting us know about this – uber cool.

  6. I just received mine in the mail and tried it out on an iPhone 3GS,4 and an iPad Mini and it worked perfect turning my TV off and on But it doesn’t recognize
    my new Bell satellite receiver tried all the settings and couldn’t get it to work.

    • I assume you followed all of the set up steps to get it to recognize your receiver. Have you tried their Help&FAQ to see if anything there can help?
      If that doesn’t work I recommend contacting them directly for help. Good Luck!

  7. Wow! The things that one can do today eh? This really freaks me out! haha A guy recently told me that there is an app for watching the stars in the sky right up close, all over the place! I’m going to have to check out this app that you just reviewed, plus that star app! Technology is so wild!

  8. so it’s for iphone only?

  9. what about with an iphone 5?
    its headphone jack is on the bottom, the dongle wouldnt be pointed at the tv 🙁

    • I used it with my iPhone 5 without having any issues, doesn’t need to be “pointing” at the TV.

  10. Wow The things that one can do today,just amazing!

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