Spring Cleaning Challenge {Giveaway -$100 Gift Card}

Have you started your Spring Cleaning already? It doesn’t really sound fun when you think of all the hard work, right? Except when you receive an invite to take part of a Spring Cleaning Challenge from Walmart Canada. A good challenge is always fun!

To kick off the start of spring I was given a $100 budget to re-vamp a space in my home that needed some freshening up.

spring cleaning

I decided to tackle my chaotic front entrance and find a way to organize all of our shoes. The shoe racks we had were not working for us and we were constantly tripping over the mess. Not safe when going in and out of the house with an infant and a toddler!

I made a quick trip to our local Walmart and found the perfect shoe storage system. The NeatFreak Storage Organizer ( $40.00) was just what we needed to organize our shoes and keep them off the floors. No more tripping over a mountain of shoes!

shoe storage

I also decided to sort and organize my son’s books in his room. He has a lot of books and the baskets we were using were not very practical because he was never able to see all of the books at once, half of the books were buried at the bottom and he was reading the same few books everyday. Enter the Kid’s Book Organizer from YourZoneJr. ($20.00) that I found at Walmart, the deep pockets hold books of multiple sizes and it keeps them from getting damaged.  I now rotate the books in the organizer each week for him to have “new” books to read all the time.

book storage

I found great storage solutions at Walmart for both my front entrance and my son’s room and I spent less than $100!

Would YOU like to participate in the spring cleaning challenge?

Win it: Canadians, enter to win a $100 Walmart gift card to freshen up your space and bring your home (and you & your family) out of this winter funk below!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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339 responses to “Spring Cleaning Challenge {Giveaway -$100 Gift Card}”

  1. I desperately need to clean out my kids toys and organizing them in our living room!


  2. Oh yes please!! I have a room full of medical supplies and nowhere to store them properly. It would be great to get it all organized so I can find what I need.

  3. I need to clean my porches a lot!

  4. I need shelving, Storage boxes and cleaning supplies to give my basement a freshening up 🙂

  5. we need to clean out so many spaces but definitely our patio – i love that walmart has such a big seasonal dept!

  6. I could use to freshen up my living room, it needs some organization and something so it is not as boring.

  7. I need baskets and other origanizational things

  8. The walls. The previous tenants painted the walls a horrible pink.

  9. I need to clean up my basement!!

  10. My closet

  11. My laundry room is out of control and could really use some cleaning and organization.

  12. I need to clean out my old clothing

  13. What do I need to clean/freshen up in my home? A cleaner.
    Apart from that we will have to start the clutter clearing in our spare bedroom – starting with moving it all out, re-painting, buy storage items and put some of it back

  14. Everything. Some holes in the walls need fixed, the whole place needs painted, and the carpets are in desperate need of a rug doctor or something.

  15. My sons playroom walls need to be washed and repainted! Little finger prints everywhere!!!

  16. my basement needs major over hauling

  17. laundry room!

  18. I need to apply some serious attention to my laundry room. It could really use a good coat of paint and storage shelves.

  19. Need some more Lysol and Roomba!

  20. My kids room could sure use of organizers! 🙂 Thanks.

  21. We need to tackle the basement!

  22. I need to clean the walls !

  23. I could definitely use something in my kitchen for storage!

  24. The kitchen and bathroom are always kind of a disaster zone!

  25. I really need to clean out my closets, especially my kids closets. They are filled with junk.

  26. I need to clean out my closets.

  27. I really need to freshen up my bedroom. It’s where everything seems to end up so I would buy a bunch of new storage options!

  28. My laundry room needs to be organized. I can find things…but I’m the only one that can find things.

  29. Basement, too much clutter

  30. De-clutter..some nice storage containers for toys would be nice!

  31. I am definitely feeling the need to spring clean, I am just waiting for the weather to warm up so we can open all the windows and air the place out! I could sure use some help reorganizing, especially in my craft room! Yikes! what a mess

  32. I need a new mop and vacuum!

  33. Need to clean out my closet and get rid of old clothing I don’t use anymore

  34. Well my husband and I cleaned our house top to bottom recently, well at least the parts you can see lol. We really need to clean up our storage room. Its scary in there!

  35. Like you I need the shoe chaos in the front hall freshened up.

  36. Our space around the back door of the house needs some serious attention!!!

  37. The garage needs cleaning and lots of shelving to keep it tidy.

  38. Our office needs a spruce up

  39. The kitchen and bathroom!

  40. wash the windows and time to clean out the closets

  41. the bathroom!!

  42. My windows and my deck really need a good clean after the winter and I need to get all my spring summer things out and winter things packed away so alot of organizing to do and I want to do alot to my bathroom and kitchen as well, so need to clean and organize them before I do any changes

  43. I need to freshen up the living room!

  44. the kitchen cabinets inside

  45. we need a basement overhaul!

  46. We need to clean the toys and entrance area.

  47. We will spend it all on organizing our space for winter clothing as we are in a tiny apartment with 2 kids…

  48. Purge some of my clothes! My clothes have filled up my closet and drawers and are slowly taking over the rest of the bedroom…

  49. my living room is a disaster!

  50. most of my house is a disaster I could really use a maid to clean the entire house

  51. I need to clean my garage – it is just junk central!

  52. My living room needs my attention first…then the bedroom…then the spare room.

  53. Time is what I need to clean and freshen up my home! Also storage help!

  54. my dressers!!

  55. I need to clean out my laundry room and get it organized. It has been the place to put everything and its a disaster right now .

  56. I need more storage containers!

  57. I need to organize my sewing desk, and my storage closet!

  58. can I say dynamite?

  59. my closet is a big mess and needs some organization

  60. I could use some cleaning products that are safe for walls as I dig into Spring cleaning! Thanks!

  61. My kitchen – it’s a mess!

  62. I need to freshen up my family room.

  63. I started cleaning out the storage area in the basement just yesterday. Think it’ll take me another day or so to get it straightened up.

  64. I love that little book shelf!
    I need to get some shelves in my laundry room and some bright decor for my living room

  65. I need to clean/freshen up the basement. It seems there always needs to be something done down there!

  66. We need to clean out our basement!

  67. I need to freshen up the basement.

  68. I need to clean out the garage.

  69. My laundry room is in dire need.

  70. my entranceway

  71. I need to clean everything. This winter has left my house stale and it could all use some freshening up.

  72. We need to clean up the balcony after this hard winter.

  73. The kitchen and bathroom need spring cleaning.

  74. moi je ne suis pas très porté sur la ménage, il me faudrait une personne pour frotter

  75. Kids’ toys

  76. i need to clean my curtains and also to clear out and clean all the “stuff” stored under my kitchen and bathroom sinks

  77. I need a laundry room organization system, shelving, buckets, labels a GIANT trash can

  78. Some new (matching!) dishes would be really nice.

  79. Oh yes!! my mud room is such a mess, right now it feels like only a bomb is the only choice to clean that room..lol

  80. We need to clean up our daughters’ rooms and our garage – clothes, books, toys, and shoes are everywhere!!

  81. My garage!

  82. My office

  83. I need a new vacuum…and a whole bunch of energy. :o)

  84. I think we need a new, more powerful vacuum. Ours is pretty broken and can’t suck up all the dust in the house as well anymore.

  85. My place has not been updated or organized since we moved in 20 years ago. This would be a great way to refresh the place.

  86. We need to clean our windows, especially the ones up high.

  87. Laundry room!!

  88. I need febreeze fabric freshener. It smells so good.

  89. I need some help for sure! Mostly some organizational tools.

  90. NeatFreak Storage Organizer

  91. I need to clean out my basement. It is a MESS!

  92. I so need to clean my home office and organize.What a great blessing this would be to win! Thanks for the chance!

  93. a fresh coat of paint

  94. I need a major carpet steam cleaning done so everything smells and looks so much fresher and brighter!

  95. My sewing room needs help.

  96. I would just like to have better ways of being able to organize my things like just simply being able to store things so there out of sight but in a nice clean crisp way

  97. I need more storage organizers to tidy up the kids’ toys!

  98. Basement

  99. I need to organize and clean my laundry room

  100. I need to clean our closets and organize them better. I need to clean up papers and movies and toys!

  101. We need to clean out our family room, it has become a huck and chuck area..time to get it cleaned out so we can enjoy it!

  102. The carpets they are starting to look old dull, time for a carpet cleaner rental.

  103. i would like to enter the contest tks my front entry due to snow in winter

  104. i need a complete clear-out; i have too much stuff all over, gathering dust and just needs to go 🙂

  105. Really need more storage space in our bathroom, I’m thinking maybe an over-the-toilet shelf? Would be so nice to have more space there!

  106. Storage containers and closet organizers for sure

  107. My bathroom needs a makeover!

  108. I need to go through my kids closets and send some clothes to goodwill! As well as a couple bags of toys! Need to be fresh for spring 🙂

  109. I need some new drawers to store my cloths please.

  110. I need to clean my house ..a good spring cleaning 🙂

  111. I need to stop procrastinating and organize the basement. Need more shelves!

  112. I need to clean the baseboards…dusty!!

  113. I need to organize everything,but my bedroom and closet are a nightmare!

  114. I need to get some storage bins and drawers for my closet. It is way too hard to find everything in there!

  115. I need a new vacuum

  116. I need to organize our kids books and toys!

  117. I’d need some storage bins to organize old baby clothes and prepare for #2

  118. The basement…but I’m afraid it might eat me.

  119. The kitchen could use a good clean which I have started.

  120. I need to clean and refresh many drawers.

  121. I need to freshen up my garage.

  122. I need spring to be here so I can open up all the windows, and then all I need is some vinegar and hot water to get to work. Then I’ll bring in the cleaning products for good smells 🙂

  123. Air freshners, open windows for fresh air

  124. i need to clean up my back yard !!

  125. i need to clean up my closet

  126. My family room FOR SURE 🙂

  127. I need to organize, purge and clean my kids’ playroom! This would certainly help!

  128. My living room needs a good thorough cleaning and freshening up!

  129. I need to declutter and clean my closets.

  130. My kitchen appliances need a good cleaning.

  131. The garage needs cleaning out.

  132. I need to clean out the basement.

  133. I need closet organization big time.

  134. The whole house is a disaster – we start stuff and gets left half way. It s a lil hard with a one year old especially when you clean and she throws everything back on the floor 🙂 LOL!!


  136. At the moment, my whole house is a mess. I having been moving things around to create a private area for my grandson. Everything needs cleaning.

  137. Yes please! My tiny bedroom closet needs some serious help.

  138. A few drops of lemon in the water when washing things leaves a fresh smell

  139. The basement of course

  140. I need help with the two storage bins (clearing things out).

  141. Our bedroom needs freshening up. Nothing matches.

  142. I would use it towards my new kitchen

  143. my basement is a disaster.

  144. I would love some brightly coloured storage containers and shelving!

  145. I need to clean and organise the washroom.

  146. I could use some new throw pillows, lamps and rug for the living room

  147. I need to clean it All!
    As a mother of two young girls i could use Rosey the robot from the jetsons , does Walmart sell her? Haha

  148. my porch it needs new flooring as its just plain plywood and worn and ugly

  149. Need a new entry way rug, a steam mop, and a new shoe rack..

  150. the basement/Family room

  151. My carpet!

  152. This is great – our shoes and books look just like your before photos (and for the books, that has been our AFTER photo – I thought we were doing pretty well 🙂

    Books and blankets are two of my biggies – they are everywhere, and always on the floor!!

  153. A few drops of lemon juice will leave a fresher air after washing things

  154. I need to clean out all my closets as they are messy.

  155. What I need most is motivation–first, to file my taxes, and next, to organize my home office!

  156. My closet is a disaster

  157. I need some kitchen organization! Everything’s getting piled on top of things like it’s the cupboard apocalypse.

  158. We need to clean out all the cupboards, drawers, and closets.

  159. I need to clean out the storage area off the balcony.

  160. I need to clean my closets out

  161. the floors need a major scrubbing

  162. I need a window washer for the outsides of the glass.

  163. I need to some painting and just don’t know which room to start with first.

  164. I need to organize our closets better

  165. My whole apartment needs to be cleaned and refreshed I feel cluttered in my apt!

  166. book shelves!

  167. I need to clean up my bedroom closet.

  168. I need some organizers for my laundry room!

  169. I could really use some time!!!! With work and juggling kids and other household duties, I wish I had more time for organization of the house!

  170. I need to freshen up the bedrooms and clean out kids old toys etc.

  171. I need to organize the closet

  172. We need to clean up the kitchen. I mean, it’s not filthy, but the kitchen table seems to be where everyone’s clutter ends up.

  173. laundry room

  174. A healthy 20-year-old.

  175. I need to clean all my windows and other cleaning. Windows are a big cleaning job, inside & out.

  176. We need to freshen up our entire house. We are so disorganized.

  177. I need to clean my storage areas badly and throw stuff out i dont use!!!

  178. I need to clean up my garage!

  179. My trouble areas are always my closets

  180. i need to clean my room

  181. I have a basement full of stuff that needs to get organized!

  182. For spring cleaning, I mostly need, time, energy and elbow grease, but some cleaning solutions and cleaning cloths would come in very handy.

  183. For spring cleaning, I need items that will help me organize stuff up off the floors, so they can be cleaned.

  184. My dining room needs freshening up!

  185. I need to freshen up my kitchen. It’s so old looking.

  186. I need to clean the windows and carpet clean the floors and figure out how to refresh the living room furniture that the dogs have claimed.

  187. the closets in my house tend to accumulate mess.

  188. I need to overhaul the kids’ playroom.

  189. my bedroom needs it most. HELP

  190. my bedroom

  191. I need to get some new window coverings. The blinds are getting shabby!

  192. I need a new mop and a new broom!

  193. My walk-in closet is a disaster area!

  194. My front entrance and closets. Everything could do with a good cleaning.

  195. I need something to organize my shoes at the entry way

  196. Clean the windows and drapes!

  197. The garage could definitely use some work!

  198. I need to clean out all my closets

  199. Our laundry room/mud room is a disaster!

  200. My basement needs some tending to.

  201. Our Garage

  202. Our ‘mud’ room…pretty much that is all it has, mud and a mess. Shoe/coat and everything else needs to be organized.

  203. our coat/shoe area is a disaster!

  204. My back porch needs help, the raccoons want to get into everything so I will need a nice box to put it all in so it looks tidy and they can’t get at it all.

  205. My office need a cleaning!

  206. my closet

  207. I need a new vacuum to really such up the cat hair and dust that hides in the corners.

  208. Gotta empty out and redo my storage shed

  209. I need to organize my kitchen cupboards!

  210. i need organizational shelves!!

  211. Basement

  212. Under my bed and my CLOSET! It is a nightmare.

  213. my living room!

  214. I desperately need to clean my office and my laundry room needs a good going through as it seems to become a storage room also!

  215. I need closet organizers for my daughters room!

  216. my living room and book shelf…

  217. I purge the stuff were no longer using

  218. I need to freshen up my bedroom. I would love to get in all the nooks & crannies for spring cleaning

  219. I am a organization freak, would love this!

  220. my kitchen cupboards need organizing desperately

  221. the garage, kitchen and bathrooms!

  222. We need a shoe closet desperately!

  223. I really need to clean out my closets.

  224. Shelving is a big one especially with the kids stuff everywhere.

  225. Urgh we live in an older home & closet space is brutal. Our front entrance closet has alot of jackets in it & shoes. I need to change something because its not fitting!!

  226. A maid. but seriously I need a way to better organize everything I have in my home that I want to keep so I’d say shelving is something I could really use.

  227. We need to freshen up & organize our laundry room. More storage is needed for sure!

  228. I really need to clean out everything.

  229. Everything from top to bottom!

  230. Some new furniture and maybe some cleaning products too!

  231. my bedroom could use some sprucing up/cleaning

  232. My closets

  233. Desk organizers as there’s stuff alll over it.

  234. More Closet space and Storage Room!

  235. my basement needs major over hauling

  236. I’d love to freshen up our kitchen.

  237. The closet! It’s the perfect time for it because in with the spring/summer clothes, out with those giant jackets and sweaters (for now at least!)

  238. I need to clean out the sunroom! total disaster!

  239. I need to freshen up my basement. I think it smells in there!

  240. I need better lighting

  241. The spare room/office is very much a catch all for all the odds and ends that doesn’t have a home anywhere else.

  242. i have started , but long way to go….love spring

  243. My bedroom!

  244. The basement. It’s a disaster area. lol

  245. My room! everything else is clean lol

  246. I could really use a new vacuum!

  247. I need my filthy windows cleaned!

  248. I need baskets and other organizational thingys.

  249. I need the shoe rack too! And a container to put mitts/hats for gardening and summer!

    Your before looks neat in comparison to mine with two 4 year olds.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  250. I need a tool or flat mop to wash walls. Didn’t realize how dusty they were until this Spring sun started shining 😉

  251. My windows and drapes!

  252. The kids dressers really need some help, half the time the clothes they pull out do not fit!

  253. Our office space needs to be organized

  254. Hi, I would definitely participate!!!
    We are currently doing renos.
    I would use the g/c to organize my potential office (craft supplies).

  255. Our basement could be better organized. Thank you!

  256. LOL the better question would be what doesn’t need spring cleaning! But to start, I want better curtains in our daughter’s room, and I love what you did with your shoe issue!!

  257. I need some storage items to reorganize our spare bedroom! Everything ends up in there and it is a disaster!

  258. I need to get something to organize my daughter’s ever-growing pile of toys.

  259. My bedroom! its always such a mess!

  260. My house has been pretty much ignored over the past few months as my husband and I both finish graduate degrees. Now that we’re almost done, it’s time to tackle it! We definitely need to spruce up our bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. Thanks for the great giveaway – a $100 gift card would be greatly appreciated at the moment!

  261. I use a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar to wipe all surfaces and cabinets in my home.

  262. The livingroom, especially the carpet!

  263. I need more storage units to tidy up my shoes, books & magazines. I’d also like more throw cushions to brighten up the living room and an extra cupboard in the dining area for storage.

  264. We need to definately tackle our basement…

  265. I would love to clean out my kids closets.

  266. The Kitchen

  267. A maid.

  268. I think a fresh coat of paint would be a great idea for some spring cleaning this year.


  269. I need to clean up my laundry room

  270. The shoe situation always gets out of control in the spring! Would love to tame it once and for all!

  271. I need to organize the kitchen!

  272. my living room its so disorgnized

  273. a ladder to clean the outside of our upper story windows!

  274. I’d have to say my kitchen needs to be done more than any other room… it is so overloaded I’m surprised it hasn’t burst yet!

  275. I need to organize all my husbands tools that take up space in my closets.
    Yes plural!!!

  276. I need to clean the laundry room. I need to find all the orphaned socks.

  277. My walls all need some freshening up! I wash them 4 times a year, but I think it is time for a new paint job

  278. Oh, what doesn’t need help in this house?!? My first priority though is the kitchen. Everyone spends time in there every day. Better organization and a good ‘spring cleaning’ would do wonders for our mood.

  279. I need to clean out my bedroom closet.

  280. My son’s room would be the first place. But the whole house needs a total overhaul! It looks like a bomb went off sometimes!

  281. My closet, eeek!

  282. my closet is a disaster!

  283. A mop, a Broom, Bleach and a fresh fragrance scent.

  284. Everyone in my house needs to do spring cleaning and organizing on their closets! It’s exciting to finally put away all of the heavy winter clothing and bring out lighter things.

  285. I desperately need to organize the kids toys in the basement.

  286. Everything lol
    Specifically my living room

  287. I have too much clutter in my rooms.

  288. My office needs it bad

  289. I need to clean the windows

  290. I declutter, vaccum and open the windows

  291. Oh lord — so much! But I’d like to start with finding some solutions to make our tiny third bedroom more organized. It’ll never be a bedroom (too tiny!) but I’d to turn it into an office, instead of a junk room where I stand typing this comment with my laptop perched on a dresser. $100 could go a long way to fixing this place up! Thanks for the giveaway!

  292. I need to shampoo my carpets and some storage containers or shelves to organize my things

  293. I need clear plastic bins with lids to store seasonal items.

  294. My basement and laundry room need an overhaul

  295. The kids books and storage for their toys!!!

  296. I desperately need to organize my work/polish room.

  297. I need to clean my closets. All of them. 🙂

  298. My entire apartment is in need of some storage solutions 🙂

  299. Just about everything, haha! Though our den/study area really needs the help – it’s got boxes of books still unpacked, papers that need filing and no file to put them in, etc. It’s screaming for some organizing!

  300. I need to organize our closets.

  301. We need shelving .. for books and DVDs. And my daughters bedroom lacks a dresser, which means disaster for her clothes!

  302. The bathroom/shower! Yuck!

  303. The basement!

  304. open the windows and doors for as long as possible during the day. thanks

  305. I need some paint to freshen up my livingroom and kitchen walls

  306. Um, everything….starting with a paper shredder and something for organizing DD’s art supplies.

  307. I need to start with the bathroom!

  308. Definitely the front entrance.

  309. Prepping for emergencies, need lots of food safe containers.

  310. It’s just never clean enough!

  311. Our bedrooms and bathrooms need freshening up the most.

  312. I need to clean my garage out. It is a mess!

  313. The kids’ playroom needs organization – desperately!

  314. tidy garage

  315. I need some kind of organizer in the bathroom to just keep things off the counter and better organized. Help!

  316. Swiffers, lysol wipes, and windex!

  317. Everything needs an overhaul. I am seriously sick of the look of my place right now. Tidying and a spring clean will help.

  318. I need a book shelf for the kids books and a shoe storage solution for the front door with all our shoes over crowding the floor.

  319. My kitchen and porch really need a good clean up.

  320. I need storage for my pantry, like pull out shelves.

  321. I have a room that serves as my sewing, knitting and computer room. I need to organize it much better than it is now.

  322. the bathroom

  323. definitely my daughters book spaces! 🙁

  324. our spare room, it is just a room for all of our junk!

  325. storage solutions for all my toddlers stuff

  326. I need to organize and freshen up my closets.

  327. Our front hall closet needs some TLC and a bit of organizing.

  328. My living room could use some sprucing!

  329. My basement needs the overhaul and the year’s worth of dust needs to go

  330. My heaters and my fans and air conditioner all need there spring deep clean.

  331. I need some storage for all of our Lego!

  332. I would love to give my home office a good cleaning out! Right now I am using any leftover stuff from other rooms.

  333. I need to freshen up my bedding

  334. I need a maid!

  335. I need to clean out my dresser drawers of all the clothes I do not fit into anymore 🙂

  336. My bedroom and my closet!

  337. oh my i really need to start my spring cleaning!

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