WiseDecor Wall Decals Review & Giveaway


By Contributor Kristen LaValley

So let me be honest. I’m not very skilled in the home decor area. If you ever come over to my house, you’ll see a lot simple frames, a vase or two, a few trinkets from my world travels, and that’s about it. I’m just not a very “designy” person. That being said, I was a little intimidated to do this review. I was kind of scared I would mess it up! Fortunately, WiseDecor wall decals are totally fool proof!

Here are some of the great features WiseDecor offers:

  • Transfer wall letters give you the hand-painted look … instantly!
  • Wonderful alternative to wooden letters and letter stencils.
  • Great on walls, glass, mirrors, furniture and home decor
  • Pre-spaced and easy to apply
  • Dozens of colors and styles, with nearly 40 matte (non-shiny) colors
  • Jazz up your words with Lettering Art
  • It’s removable!
  • 100% money-back guarantee!

I loved that the ordering process was super simple. The website is really easy to navigate which is a huge PLUS when doing something for the first time. You can pick a quote from the website or order a custom quote. I did a custom quote from my favorite hymn, “Come Thou Fount”. The phrase, “Bind My Wandering Heart to Thee” has become my and my siblings’ motto. My parents are ministers and because of that, we moved around a lot as kids. The hymn and quote are very meaningful to the five of us, so we just had to do this one.


I say “we” because I put the wall art up in my sister’s room. We’re moving out of our apartment in a few months, and I just couldn’t imagine only having something this beautiful up for a short time and then having to take it down. My parents just moved into their new house and my sister’s room needed a face lift so she happily obliged to my request. 🙂 We were SO excited when we opened the box and saw how exquisite the lettering is. Also included in the box were instructions, a practice piece of a wall art, and a squeegee to apply the transfer paper to the wall.

Not only is the art absolutely stunning, it was surprisingly very easy to put up. The included instructions are simple and clear. It only took about 5 minutes to get that HUGE piece of art on the wall. The lettering transferred to the wall smoothly and effortlessly. My sister and I squealed when we stepped back to take a look. It turned out amazing!


Win it : WiseDecor is offering one lucky US/CAN One Smiley Monkey reader the chance to win a $75 gift card to their store. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Kristen is a stay at home mom to one deliciously chunky baby boy and one hilariously clever two year old living in East Tennessee. She chronicles her adventures in cloth diapering, parenting, faith, and insane toddler antics at www.whenathome.com

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  1. I would use a quote of our own, like God is good, All the time.

  2. I would pick one from their store.

  3. I would pick my own. Probably something from HP

  4. My own quote.

  5. I love the speed and simplicity! I’d have a hard time, but lots of fun choosing a quote!

  6. there are a few quotes that I love.. for both the kids rooms

  7. I would use the quote from my favorite childhood book, which also happens to be tattooed on my arm with my girls 🙂 “I’ll Love you Forever, I’ll Like you for Always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be” LOVE IT!

  8. I would probably find a Helen Keller quote to use for my son’s room.

  9. probably my own quote, something from Dr. Who 🙂

  10. I would probably go with my own quote but not sure what yet.

  11. I would use a quote that would say something like “live laugh love” or another quote having to do with love.

  12. One from their store! 🙂

  13. I’d probably create my own, although I do love the one that says “Martha Stewart doesn’t live here!” 🙂

  14. I would pick a quote. I know I could find a better quote on their website than I could ever make up!

  15. I think I would probably choose one from the store unless I could come up with something of my own that I really thought was good. 🙂

  16. I would use my own quote. So many possibilities!

  17. I would use my own quote! 🙂

  18. I would chose from their site.

  19. I would choose from there choices

  20. I love the word – Dream – I would get that and have a few in a row. 🙂

  21. I would use one of their’s – “you are my sunshine”

  22. I would likely go with one of theirs, it would be a gift for my friend who loves these!

  23. Live, Love, Laugh!

  24. I would pick a quote from the store.

  25. I really like some of the quotes they already have. I would customize to my style likings. I also like the initial decal with name possibly for my daughter’s room.

  26. I like the “Live, Love, Laugh, Dream…Sleep”

  27. there are so many to choose from on the site. I found quite a few i’d want for different rooms, so i’d just pick from theirs.

  28. Probably pick one. I’m not that creative!

  29. I think I would pick from their store.

  30. I think I’d use one of their quotes.

  31. pick from store

  32. I would pick one from their site, not too creative with coming up with my own.

  33. These are Classy!

  34. There is so many nice quotes on the site ,but i have one I would love to do!

  35. so many good quotes to choose from! i’d have to really think about it. or do the quote i have tattooed “It’s not in love we trust, it’s in trust we love”

  36. This would be for my daughter – she has her own quote already.



  37. These are elegant, but also very, very cool!

  38. like the children’s book quotes

  39. I love you to the moon and back again!

  40. I’d pick one of theirs- I’m not too creative at that kind of thing.

  41. I’d use theirs ” Laughter is the music of the heart.”

  42. I’d like to use a quote either I or my family created.

  43. I would choose one of their Bible quotes.

  44. I think that I would use one of theirs or a scripture.

  45. I would pick one from their store.

  46. I think I would pick a quote from their store, they have some great ones

  47. I would pick one of their, more creative than what I could come up with.

  48. I would pick from them! 🙂

  49. I have a whole bunch of meaningful quotes so I would probably pick my own!

  50. I would use one of their quotes.

  51. I would use my own quote so it has more meaning for me!

  52. I would chose a quote from their store,,I am planning on re-painting my house,so need some nice decals after to spruce it up 🙂

  53. I would use this quote I have spread my dreams beneath your feet, tread softly, for you tread on my dreams. – W.B. Yeats

  54. “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” -William Shakespeare, for my newborn daughter on the way’s nursery.

  55. I would chose one of their quotes. Lots of great options to pick from.

  56. I would choose a quote from the store.

  57. Kristen, love that quote. Really cool it’s become a sibling motto, I can relate being a PK although my dad has been in the same church for 25 years now… we’re always wandering around the world!

    Would love this for my kitchen or laundry room even 😉

  58. I’d try to use my own quote

  59. I would pick a quote

  60. I would choose a quote from there website

  61. I would probably use one of theirs, or my daughter’s name for her room.

  62. I think I would order BOTH! All of their decals are so beautiful so I would love to pick an already made one, but it’s also always nice to add your own personal touch!

  63. I would use mine, actually it is not mine – from magazine: “Be yourself, there are enough other people”

  64. I would pick my own quote to make it unique

  65. beautiful prize!

  66. I would pick something from the store

  67. October 22-I would probably use one of my own!

  68. I would pick a quote from the store

  69. I would pick one from the store

  70. I would use a Dr. Seuss quote for my daughter’s room!

  71. I would pick aquote from their store.

  72. While I love many of the ones on their website, I would have one custom done.
    I am a research things thoroughly kinda gal (and often bogged down by indecision), so I am not able to say what the quote would be on the fly.
    It almost certainly would be lyrics from a song – Moody Blues, Bob Marley, Sixto Rodriguez, Tupac … this could take a while

  73. I’d pick one from the store – they’ve put so much thought into them already!

  74. I would choose one of their quotes as there is a lot of beautiful sayings!

  75. I would pick a quote from there store

  76. I would choose a store quote. They are more original than mine

  77. I have a million quotes I would love to have written up so beautifully!

  78. Such a great idea with a wide variety of choices.

  79. I would use one of there quotes ….. I get a block just trying to think of one.

  80. I love these quotes, have a few, def would love more

  81. Not sure – i’d use one of theirs if it said just the right words that I wanted, otherwise think up my own.

  82. I’d pick an inspirational quote from the store

  83. I would probably use my own, and I would connect it in another way to bond my familys love

  84. Id choose The Laundry Room

  85. I would pick my own

  86. I would consider their quotes first

  87. I’d choose one from their store.

  88. I would personalize my own quote

  89. I would choose one of theirs. Most like it would be Joshua 24:15. I had that painted on my old door but haven’t yet put it back on the new door although every day I mean to. I did just find a cool scripture I want to paint on the steps though

  90. I would choose a quote from their site.

  91. I think I would use a quote my husband used to say to me when we first started dating

  92. I would use my own quote.

  93. I would probably pick a quote from the store.

  94. I would probably choose one from the store – although I’d have a hard time deciding!

  95. would pick on from the store

  96. I would choose something personal, something to remind us to treasure the life we have, never taking anything for granted.

  97. I would probably pick one from theirs as I am not terribly creative and they seem to have plenty to choose from.

  98. I’ll have to see if I come up with anything suitable myself before I decide.

  99. I would probably use one of my quotes

  100. I’d pick one of their quotes.

  101. Both, your ‘s and one of mine…

  102. I would use one of their quotes.

  103. I would choose something from their Family Photo Gallery Decals and Quotes!

  104. probably personalized

  105. I would choose my own quote, either Shaw or Twain.

  106. I love the God is Good all the time quote. I need this for my home!

  107. I would choose my own, to make it more intimate.

  108. I would get a quote from their store.

  109. I would pick one from their store.

  110. I would pick a quote from the store

  111. I would pick one of their quotes.

  112. I would pick my own quote

  113. a quote from their store

  114. I think this is an incredible product! I love the idea of our values, etc., being written on the wall for all to see.

  115. I would use my own quote

  116. I like their spiritual quotes! I think I would choose one of those!

  117. I want to say that I would use one of my own, but I also love traditional quotes they had a lot of great stuff!

  118. i would definitely pick from the store 🙂

  119. i would use my own quote

  120. “Love Laugh Dream”

  121. I would choose one from the store.

  122. I’d use my own quote.

  123. One from their store

  124. i would probably choice one of the quotes from the store.

  125. I would pick a quote of theirs

  126. I actually like the In This House Rules, so I would probably choose that 🙂

  127. I would probably pick my own quote…I just don’t know what though, hmmmm.

  128. id choose from the site—Live, laugh, and love a little every day… And when the moon comes up, dance the starry night away.

  129. I would use my own quote.

  130. I love the quote “Live Laugh Love”

  131. Not sure of what words I’d want up on my wall, but if I’ll figure that all out if I win! Thanks for this opportunity.

  132. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. – Psalm 34:8

  133. I think I would pick my own quote.

  134. I would use one of their quotes from their Humor and Wit Wall selection.

  135. One from their store =)

  136. From the store, my fave is:
    In This House We Do Real We Do Mistakes We Do I’m Sorry We Do 2nd Chances We Do Fun We Do Forgiveness We Do Hugs We Do Loud Really Well We Do Family We Do Love

  137. I would pick a quote from their store :3 of course!

  138. Its so hard to chose there all really nice

  139. I would use this quote by Keats- “I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.”

  140. I’m not one to come up with wise words; I would choose one from the store

  141. I would pick something from their store. Thanks

  142. I’d probably use one from their site.

  143. I would pick one from their store.

  144. I would use my own, as the was the inspirational saying that helped my son make it through a long hard stay in the hospital: ‘When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on’ I have wanted to put it on his wall ever since.

  145. With God all things are possible. – Matt. 19:26

  146. I would probably pick from the store…. one of my faves is Live Laugh Love!

  147. I would love to create a quote of my own…
    maybe something like “it’s not time to get out of bed yet the sun is still asleep” so I can put it in my daughter’s room and save myself some breath!

  148. one from their store
    good luck to all

  149. I would probably go with my own quote.

  150. I would pick a quote from their store…. 🙂

  151. I’d choose this one from their store – For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

  152. I would pick theirs – We will chase perfection, knowing we can never achieve it because we are human. We will continue to chase perfection though because what we will catch is excellence.

  153. Would pick my own positive quote.

  154. I’d make my own

  155. I’d use my own fav quote: Live every moment and love beyond words

  156. I would probably make up one of my own.

  157. I would pick several from their store. I love all their quotes. I just need somewhere to put them now if I win.

  158. I’d pick from their online store

  159. i like the remember the days quote

  160. I would probably choose one of there quotes!

  161. I’d pick one from their store

  162. I would use my own quote, I have a few good ones in mind

  163. I would pick from them I like Family Established Design #2011080513

  164. I would pick one from their store

  165. I will pick a quote from them

  166. I’d probably use our own quote, and it’d say Bacon. I think hubby would like that!

  167. They have so many great ones on the site but I would probably choose one of my own.

  168. Mmmm, I’d probably end up using some nerdy video game quote or a quote from some cartoon I loved!

  169. Wow!! That’s quite awesome!! Love this quote decal so much!!

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