No more than ever, we are relying on technology to stay connected with those we love the most. It has been difficult not to see family members, friends, and anybody who is not able to be with us in person right now.

However, I was just introduced to the free Alcove app for Oculus Go, and I love how it can help family members and friends connect, across many generations, by helping everyone connect together inside a virtual world. 

Stay Connected With Loved Ones Using Virtual Reality

After you download the free app using your Oculus device, you can set up your family corner, and get up to three of your family members to join in, you can then sit together virtually and explore using the app, from the comfort of each of your own living rooms. 

In your family corner, you can sit down and watch videos together, play games, practice meditation, or even go swimming with dolphins in the Pacific Ocean. Yup, all in the VR surround screen. You can also just sit down and chat with each other. It is so much fun!

Stay Connected With Loved Ones Using Virtual Reality

  • Stay Connected With Loved Ones Using Virtual Reality

From health and wellness activities to fun entertaining adventures. There is something fun to do for everyone in the family. This is the perfect way to connect right now while keeping your distance and protecting elder and high-risk family members.

You can also explore travel destinations virtually if you are missing travelling right now. Great way to escape from your current location for a bit, while journeying around the globe virtually, no passport or mask needed!

Stay Connected With Loved Ones Using Virtual Reality

Alcove is a product of AARP Innovation Labs and was built to help break down the barriers of social isolation. I love how technology can help us stay connected!  For more information about Alcove, please visit their website HERE

Do you have an Oculus VR device? Have you ever tried one? 

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Alcove, a product created by AARP Innovation Labs. All opinions are my own