Celebrating Easter In YVR

Stanley Park Easter Train

Yesterday was the beginning of our four-day Easter weekend, I love long weekends and celebrating holidays and traditions together. Our eldest has the four days off school so we get to spend quality family time this long weekend.

On Friday we spent the afternoon decorating Easter eggs. I was planning to do some colour block Easter eggs or Twine Wrapped eggs  but ended up with StarWars Easter Eggs…. we were at the grocery store in the morning and somehow my eldest spotted a StarWars DYI egg decorating kit on sale. He is a HUGE StarWars fan and we ended up buying the kit.

I must say that the kit was nice because it had everything that was needed, including non-toxic egg dye tablets, some fun egg wraps, stickers and cardboard stands.

StarWars Easter Eggs

StarWars Eggs

A happy boy with his StarWars Eggs

This morning we headed to Stanley Park and we spent the morning at their Easter event. This has been a yearly tradition for us since our first son was a toddler. They have a nice little Easter Train, an outdoor Easter egg hunt, crafts, games and you can get your face painted and take photos with the Easter Bunny.  A fun an very popular event that’s always filled with families.

Stanley Park Easter Train

Both children loved the train and they had a great time finding eggs and collecting them in their baskets. They also each got a little treat at the door when they were done collecting eggs, I love that they even have baskets for the kids and the event is so organized. We also got lucky because it was raining before we got there and it started raining again after we left, we enjoyed our time outdoors while it was dry!

Stanley Park Easter Egg Hunt


Stanley Park Easter Egg Hunt


Stanley Park Easter Egg Hunt

Stanley Park Easter Egg Hunt

Tomorrow we are planning a very small indoor family egg hunt and a family Easter dinner. Hoping it doesn’t rain all day so we can spend some time playing outdoors, we do live in Vancouver though….I better pack our raincoats and boots!

How do you celebrate Easter? What are your plans for the long weekend?

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13 responses to “Celebrating Easter In YVR”

  1. I will have to look out for the Stars Wars kit next year as two of my Grandsons are obsessed with Star Wars. Glad to see you have better weather than us, we woke up to snow this morning so it looks more like Christmas than Easter!

  2. Oh it looks like a fun time,enjoy your long weekend

  3. Looks like the kids are having a great time. They are all smiles!. Nice to see pictures of spring without snow in them.

  4. I decorated Easter eggs with my grandchildren yesterday, also using kits. The kids were more excited about the stickers that their mum had bought (Frozen, Minions etc) for the eggs rather than anything else 🙂 I’m surprised my son (38 yrs!) didn’t find those Star Wars ones though, he’s crazy about Star Wars and Lego too come to that. 🙂

  5. awe the pictures are absolutely adorable!! We went to Collingwood to visit our in-laws 🙂 it was a nice relxing weekend and this mama didnt have to cook for 3 days yayy:)

  6. So nice to see him collecting the eggs,here we has a storm all day no outside hunting for us

  7. Your boys are absolutely adorable!

  8. Such sweet photos! Everyone tells me how much my kids look like me…..you totally have me beat.

  9. Looks like you guys had loads of fun 🙂 OMG, I had no idea there were Star Wars Easter kits! Will have to be on the look out next year.

  10. I loved the pictures of the boys gathering their eggs and during their other activities. One Smiley Monkey was obviously was enjoying himself and your other cute toddler was doing what big brother was doing-gathering eggs.
    Easter is over now. We had company for the long weekend and fourteen for a hot turkey dinner and a birthday cake and Icecream for our youngest daughter who celebrated her birthday on Easter this year. It was a memorable weekend with family, good food,and good conversation.
    Fortunately we did not have yet another blizzard but the snow banks are slowly melting away. Maybe in three weeks or so, my tulips and daffodils may actually start to show up. I think the snow banks are discouraging them. Life is interesting to say the least.

  11. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!

  12. Awe,your boys are so cute!

  13. These are such cute photos!

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