Pamela Chan, Contributor

When my daughter received the Fur Real Friends My Bouncin’ Pup she wasn’t just excited to meet her.  She was thrilled.  My daughter is five years old and is at the stage in life where she really wants to have a dog living with us.  She’s also likes to pretend play and will talk and play with stuffed animals and toys in countless creative ways.  Since we aren’t able to get a dog at this point, Butterscotch (the name my daughter chose) has become a welcome addition as an interactive toy pet in our home.

What We Received

My Bouncin’ Pup is packaged in an open box in which you can access her smooth “fur” and see her realistic, textured nose clearly. In a store you will also have a chance to try the toy to see how it moves.  The toy is connected to the box with natural strings.  If you have purchased the toy, take extra care when snipping the cords as you want to avoid cutting into the fabric of the dog.  This is a toy that you will want to keep clean and in good shape.

Physical Features of the Toy

My Bouncin’ Puppy has golden fur on its ears and a white body.  The bandana/collar is made of a soft, bendable plastic.  At the outside corner of each eye there are two eye lashes made out of molded plastic that accent the large eyes.  The nose has a dappled texture that mimics the texture on a real dog’s nose and the mouth is made of soft pink fabric.  On the base of the toy you can find the opening to the battery section and a switch that can turn the toy off.

How the Toy Works

A light touch on the back of the toy will activate the mechanics inside to make the toy dog move.  There are different types of barks and pants as the toy dog shakes its head in circles, wimpers, makes a happy noise and moves around.  Sometimes the head shakes in circles on its own or sometimes this happens at the same time that it moves.  You can touch the back to make it move; however, the movements and noises will also happen if you give the toy dog a hug.  Sometimes if it is being handled, it will be activated unintentionally.

Playing With My Bouncin’ Pup

At age five, my daughter is in the peak period for pretend play.  She has taken to caring for her puppy in a serious way.  She puts her toy dog to bed, tucks it in under blankets while she is watching cartoons, talks with it and gently admonishes it if she thinks it is a little too loud when it is going to be put into its bed, for example. My daughter created a soft-sided kennel for her toy dog made out of a soft-sided lunch bag. In my childhood days, I played with my own toys in the exact same way.  I can still remember what it was like to treat my toys and dolls like they were living beings and creatures with minds of their own.  So it is easy for me to play along and treat Butterscotch like a real puppy.  I can see that my daughter is very happy with her toy dog.  Playing with My Bouncin’ Puppy gives her a lot of joy.

This toy would be suitable for a young child who knows how to play with it without dropping it on the floor.  The back of the box containing the toy features older elementary aged children.  I can see that older children would also enjoy owning this type of toy.  The actions of My Bouncin’ Puppy mimic a happy, perky dog.  The toy is soft and inviting for cuddles, making it an appealing gift for children of a variety of ages.

By coincidence it turns out that My Bouncin’ Puppy bears a close resemblance to Holly – the Coton de Tulear dog owned by my daughter’s grandparents. I’m not sure what breed My Bouncin’ Pup is meant to resemble but the fact that it looks like a real dog is an added bonus that helps make the toy seem that much more lovable.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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