New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

With the 2018 Winter Olympics coming up in over a week, PLAYMOBIL is helping little ones get in the Olympic spirit with their new PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports theme. Children can now use their imagination to reenact their favourite winter Olympic games.

We received two of their sets from their Winter Sports line, and they are so much fun.

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

I have to say that at this point, after building so many PLAYMOBIL sets over the years, I consider myself a pretty experienced PLAYMOBIL builder. I get new sets built fast, and the boys are usually great little helpers finding parts and passing me the pieces I need. They also take care of setting up the figures and small objects while I focus on the larger things like buildings, vehicles, etc.

We make a great building team!

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}


New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

Enjoy a snowy, winter retreat at the Ski Lodge. Start your day off with a warm breakfast on the patio while enjoying the beautiful view. Before you head to the slopes, make sure you rent your skis at the equipment station and don’t forget to check the trail board, so you don’t get lost!

When the cold becomes too much to bear, step inside to sip on some hot cocoa by the fire. At the end of a long day, two cozy beds await in the loft, which can be reached by the ladder. Set includes five figures, skis, table, chairs, firewood, shovels, lounge chair, snowman, mittens, and other accessories.


New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

We love all the little details. Just like other PLAYMOBIL sets, the Ski Lodge has tons of details and tiny objects that give it a realistic feel. The boys both love playing with it, and I have to admit that even as an adult, I love all the cute little parts, the tiny cups of hot chocolate, fries, and burgers. Reminds me of going up to the mountains with the boys and enjoying some snacks after skiing or snowshoeing.

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}


New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

Our youngest one also said the set reminded him of the last time we went up the gondola and spent time at the ski lodge. His favourite memory was drinking some hot chocolate and enjoying some poutine. I saw him playing with the figures and giving them some hot chocolate and fries after they went skiing.

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

Winter SUV

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

Brave the icy weather in the Winter SUV. It will be easy to get through the snow with this vehicle. Access the SUV’s interior through the removable roof to seat the figures inside.

The spacious SUV has a removable roof box and roof rack, making it easy to transport all your skiing and snowboarding equipment.

Set includes two figures, snowboard, skis, luggage, mittens, and other accessories.


New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

How do the little figures get to the mountain? They drive, of course! The Winter SUV is the perfect ride and a great addition to the Sky Lodge set.  I love how the car has storage space for all the tiny accessories, skis and even luggage!

The figures also have the most adorable clothes, bundled up and ready for a day on the mountain, so cute.

New PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports Theme {Giveaway}

The PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports sets are perfect for the winter and to celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics coming up. Our boys play for hours with these, and they love all the little details.

The PLAYMOBIL Winter Sports sets are great for indoor play during the cold winter days.


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a PLAYMOBIL Winter SUV Set. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck friends!

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Disclosure: This is a partnered post with PLAYMOBIL.  However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  23. My fave is figure skating and bob sleds! Thanks for the chance to win, these sets are all so cute!

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  121. I just popped in to see who won this fantastic prize, congratulations Kim M. this is great fun for kids.

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