DIY HandPrint Art Project / Wall Art {Tutorial}

handprint art tutorial

We are still on holidays today and with both kids at home I decided to do a fun art project with them. I love displaying my little one’s artwork at home and I thought about creating colourful handprint art that could be displayed in my toddler’s nursery.

I like rotating our artwork every season and this handprint art project is perfect for the new season and for my son’s nursery.

He also loved it once I put it up on his wall!

handprint art tutorial

What you will need

  • Blank Canvas or Large Piece of Paper (size of choice)
  • Washable non-toxic paints (in various colours)
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Wet towel
  • Dry towel


  • Find an area where you can create the artwork (a big table/floor) prepare it by covering it with newspapers and have your child wear old clothes that can get dirty.
  • Pick your favourite colours of paint and pour into separate bowls or plates, ask your children to help decide.  Have plenty of towels ready.
  • Explain the process and show them how it will be done, you can practice without using paint first so they are prepared and understand the process.
  • Brush your little one’s hand with the paint using the paintbrush, make sure to spread the paint evenly over the entire hand.
  • Guide their hand to the paper and gently press down on their hand, count to 3 and gently lift their hands. If they are older they can do that themselves. Have the children take turns.
  • Wipe the paint off their hand with the wet towel, dry and repeat with each colour.
  • Allow for the canvas/paper to fully dry.
  • Good work! You are done! Wasn’t that super easy? Now find a nice spot to decorate!

handprint art tutorial

What I love the most about this is that there is no need to buy a frame or anything expensive, great to keep up on the wall for a few weeks/months and then replace with some new art. Plus I always write the date on their handprint artwork and save it, their little hands grow SO fast!

When was the last time you did handprint artwork with your little ones?

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33 responses to “DIY HandPrint Art Project / Wall Art {Tutorial}”

  1. This would be awesome with both of my boys handprints! 🙂

  2. I love it, it adds a lovely splash of colour to the wall. Lovely idea. 🙂

  3. This time I noticed that the details from the previous commentator were still in the boxes on this form – perhaps that’s what happened last time too.

    • Yes, that’s probably it 🙂

      • I see that too btw. It’s not good that it’s sharing other people’s e-mail addresses with everyone.

  4. I love it,so creative

  5. I love this art project. It’s a bit late for me but I know many moms will take advantage of this simple and beautiful way to save the pictures of their hands(and, or feet) over the years.Thank you so much for this idea and I love your artwork.

  6. Well done! I adore all things made using my kids hands/foot prints….

    Now if my girl would just get over having her hands covered in paint lol

  7. This is cute and simple. Where do you find large pieces of canvas? Do they have to come from a specialty store?

  8. That is pretty nifty idea. Plus great way to decorate instead of having it hidden away in a closet unlike other memorabilias.

  9. I showed this to my friend who has 7 month old twins,she said she is going to try it,in pinks and blues

  10. We did butterflies using foot prints the other day, can’t wait to laminate them and hang them!

    • Oh,I bet they turned out pretty

  11. I absolutely love this idea. Makes the room extra special.

  12. I love this idea! It’s very nice!

  13. Beautiful piece for any room.

  14. My friend done this with Fall colours and its beautiful

  15. I would love to make one of these with my grandchildren!

  16. I love this!! I think I might just have to make this for our playroom!

  17. wow this is awesome , thanks for sharing , great fun for the lil ones and for adults 🙂

  18. Going to try this with my granddaughter she is just at the right age to enjoy making it !

  19. We often use finger paints for creative art. She loves to get covered in paint and some gets on the paper.

  20. a cute way to brighten the room

  21. love this wall art, it’s priceless!

  22. This is too cute! I’m gonna try it-thank you 🙂

  23. I love it and would have it framed and hung to keep as a cherished treasur. They are so cute! 🙂

  24. I love doing projects like this will the kids !

  25. This is a really cute art project and you also get their fingerprints this way

  26. This looks like it would be a fun family art project. It really stands out against the paint colour and crib 🙂

  27. Cute idea! Nice way to remember how small your kids hands were.

  28. Love this craft idea!

  29. What a great idea. It adds a splash of color to the room and it’s a great way to display a child’s hand print.

  30. Love this 💗.

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