Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$950 Value Giveaway}

For years we have started our day with a green smoothie, the kids love them, and I love that they are filled with the good stuff. I use simple, healthy ingredients like kefir milk or almond milk, fresh fruits, spinach or kale and a few frozen fruits, blend them all and serve it.

The boys are picky when it comes to chunky smoothies that are too thick though, so having the right blender in your kitchen makes all the difference. I am always looking to achieve soft and smooth textures when it comes to our juices and smoothies.

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}

Enter the brand new Breville Super Q Blender + the Breville Vac Q (*sold separately) compatible attachment. As a Breville ambassador, I received both units to try at home, and I must say I love them. We haven’t had smoother and softer textures with our green smoothies before, and it is all thanks to this magic duo. I think the boys agree as well.

The Breville Super Q is a commercial-grade blender that has been designed for your home kitchen. It looks and feels pro from the moment you get it out of the box. It has a super powerful 1800 Watt motor, the highest possible blender motor rating and a 186mph/300km blade tip speed under load for speedy results. Perfect when you are rushing to get out of the house in the morning! 

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}

I love that it comes with a series of one-touch programs that have been optimized to produce the best results depending on what you are making. A Smoothie button for silkier dairy smoothies, a Green Smoothie button for smoother green smoothies, a Pulse/Ice Crush button to turn ice into snow, a Frozen Dessert button to help you make delicious frozen goodies and a Soup function to help you make hot cold-to-hot soups all in one step. 

It also has an auto Clean button; you just need to add clean water/detergent and press to get the best cleanse for the jug and blades. So easy! Just rinse and store after.

The blender also allows you to make nut butter, nut & bean milk, fresh cocktails, fine-milled flour, creamy dips, rich sauces, zesty dressings and freshly ground spices. So many features. I love how many things you can make, all in one blender.

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}


I like that the blender comes with some extra accessories, like a personal blending 24oz./ 700ml on the go cup, perfect when you want to make a juice and enjoy it on the go. My go-to breakfast option when I am on my way to dropping the kids off at camp or school. It also comes with a recipe book in English and one in Frech, filled with lots of great recipe ideas. The boys have already requested some of the frozen treats, perfect for the summer. A tamper and spatula are also included.

We also received the Vac Q (BBL002) vacuum pump to try. An accessory compatible with the Super Q that works by removing air from the jug before blending. The Vac Q provides a smoother texture, brighter colours and more vibrant flavours to your blend. We all noticed a big difference when using the vacuum pump for our smoothies. There were no bubbles, and the result was a creamier, extra smooth drink, with really lovely vibrant colours. I loved it.

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}


I love the way the Super Q looks in my kitchen as well. It matches my kitchen, and the stainless steel look is beautiful.  The jug is BPA-free, and it has a 68oz capacity, large enough for big soup baches and smoothies for the entire family. Such a fantastic home blender, it has all the features I need in a blender and more. 

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}

Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$900 Value Giveaway}

Below I am sharing a quick demo video so you can see it in action, and my favourite vegetable and fruit smoothie recipe, my go-to daily morning smoothie.



For more information and to purchase, you can visit the Breville Canada website. The Super Q is $799.99 CDN, and the Vac Q is $149.99 CDN.


Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will win the Breville Canada Super Q + Vac Q {$950 total prize value!}. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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263 responses to “Breville Super Q Blender + The Vac Q Review {$950 Value Giveaway}”

  1. The soup function

  2. The Vac Q feature sounds really interesting.

  3. Looks like a great product combo!

  4. I like the one-touch programs feature.

  5. What a gorgeous blender!! My favourite feature is the auto clean button! I always find it difficult to clean a blender – it’s hard to get all the little bits of liquid, seeds etc. out from the blade crevices, so the cleaning function on this blender sounds like a dream to me.

  6. The vacuum pumped for sure. This machine is definitely incredible.

  7. I really like that it has 186mph/300km blade tip speed for quick results and the extra accessories, like the like a personal blending on the go cup, are fantastic too!

  8. The ”auto Clean button”

  9. Wow! This is awesome!

  10. I like that it as such a large capacity. Great for my sporadic big batch soup-making episodes.

  11. I love the blender has the different attachments , the vacuum is super neat ! Seems so easy to use , which i love and the design is nice so it would fit in the kitchen perfectly no matter you decor !

  12. I love the one touch programs and the CLEAN button! It really is a remarkable blender! 🙂

  13. I love the one touch program

  14. I love the fact that it comes with a 68 OZ jug!!!!!!!!!! I often find myself making multiple batches of smoothies, juices and soups, I could finally do it all once!

  15. A clean button? Yes please. Would love to make soups with this.

  16. I love it that you can make VERY smooth smoothies The Clean button would be so handy as would the one touch programs. Best of all, Breville makes quality merchandise, I have had a toaster oven for a few years and love it!

  17. I love the 68oz capacity, which is big enough for my family’s needs.

  18. I love the soup function and would love to try it out!

  19. Definitely the auto clean. I had a massive juicer and I absolutely despised cleaning all the parts. That is an incredible feature!

  20. The vacuum function sounds awesome – but I thrill everytime I see “auto clean.”

  21. Love the one button choice and the AUTO clean – how cool

  22. I love all the one-touch programs offered, especially the smoothie ones! My smoothies are never actually ‘smooth’ – would love a blender like this!

  23. oh my gosh! the one touch programs to help you best create smoothies, soups etc ! amazing

  24. I love the auto clean feature the most! So easy!

  25. the auto clean function is awesome!

  26. Auto Clean!

  27. The whole thing is awesome. Would love this. The feature I like best id the large capacity size at 68oz

  28. I love the large 68oz capacity!

  29. The self cleaning feature!! Wow!

  30. Oh my I’m sold on the self cleaning and the vac q is awesome!!

  31. The 68oz capacity is the feature I love because it’s frustrating to try to make large batches of meals in a small blender. This would make meal preps a breeze!

  32. Looks pretty amazing!

  33. The one touch feature!

  34. Auto-clean is amazing but I would also love smoothies without ice chunks.

  35. WOW I really love the auto clean button !

  36. The auto clean button!

  37. I appreciate the stainless steel housing making it so much easier to clean. Also the auto clean function that is great. I like this feature in most blenders

  38. The auto cleaning function is my favourite feature

  39. This would be a great item for my Keto kitchen. i have lost 50 pounds so far and this would be great to make smoothies and shakes to help in my loss journey.

  40. Love all the functions especially the ice and frozen dessert options. Plus love that it is super fast and makes smooth smoothies. I hate chunky smoothies!!

  41. I love the auto clean button.

  42. I love the auto Clean feature, it seems like it would be pretty convenient!

  43. I like the Pulse/Ice Crush button to turn ice into snow. That would be fun for summer drinks.

  44. i love the 68oz capacity

  45. The clean button feature and extra accessories.

  46. I love that this blender has a Frozen Dessert button. It’s like this blender gets me!

  47. I like the 1800 Watt motor that’s so powerful for smoothies.

  48. Sounds absolutely incredible! My favourite feature on the Super Q Blender is the personal blending on the go cup, prefect for busy Moms like me, when mornings can be super rushed. Also love the effortless one touch programs which takes the guess work out of it. Bonus is that it self cleans! No more getting frustrated at the seeds getting stuck in the crevices or having to soak blender parts in the sink. Sleek powerful blender!

  49. I love that it comes with the extra accessories and it’s BPA free!

  50. I love that it comes with the one-touch preset programs, and that vacuum pump is pretty cool as well!!

  51. I love that this is the perfect size for a family. We could really use a new blender that works well, ours really sucks and does not work well at all.

  52. The Frozen Dessert function 🙂

  53. love the soup function i make allot of homemade soups but the whole machine is wowsa

  54. I love it’s size! And all of it’s functions

  55. So many amazing features and functions for a blender! I really like the personal blending cup for on the go smoothies. I would not be leaving a mess in the morning when transferring my morning smoothie.

  56. 68oz capacity, large enough for big soup baches

  57. I love its look. Very stylish and would really add a touch of class to our kitchen.

  58. I love the large size tub, so that I can make family sized recipes!

  59. The auto clean sounds fantastic.

  60. the clean button!

  61. I love that it has an auto-clean button. That’s super convenient.

  62. I like Five pre-programmed settings

  63. Love the auto clean function. Cheers!

  64. I love the one touch program buttons!

  65. I like the fact that it is BPA free.

  66. the one touch programs

  67. Like the auto clean feature.

  68. Love that it’s a sturdy commercial grade blender with a powerful 1800 Watt motor

  69. I think it’s amazing that it removes air from the big before blending which results in better taste and texture.

  70. I love how this blends everything smooth. I don’t like chunky smoothies either.

  71. Auto Clean is the way to go! 🙂

  72. I love the auto clean function.

  73. I love the auto Clean button

  74. I like that it has a smoothie button.

  75. My favorite feature would be the one-touch programs; that makes it so simple!

  76. I love that it has a CLean setting. I really hate having to clean the blender after making a smoothie or even blending soup.

  77. I love the size capacity of this blender. Perfect for blending my roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

  78. I like the capacity (68 oz) which makes it easier to prepare bulk freezer meals.

  79. I like the auto clean feature

  80. The auto-clean button appeals to me; I hate the tedious cleaning required by my old blender

  81. My favorite feature of the Q Blender is the personal sized cup because it would be perfect for myself to customize my morning smoothies. I usually have too much and I don’t like wasting

  82. I love the Auto Clean feature! It’s such a pain cleaning my blender by hand, so this is awesome for me.

  83. I love how easy it is to clean.

  84. The clean button.

  85. I love the clean button

  86. The frozen dessert option sounds awesome!

  87. I love the super powerful 1800 Watt motor because I’ve had issues with lower Watt motor in the past.

  88. My favourite feature is the auto-clean. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  89. Love the amazing versatility! Frozen desserts to hot soups! Wow, this is the machine for me.

  90. I love the one touch programs

  91. There are so many great features, but I really like the large capacity. That would come in handy in my kitchen.

  92. I love everything about this blender but I’d have to say the power and self clean is the best… but I also love the frozen and soup too.

  93. I like that it has the Auto Clean feature. Would make my life a lot easier!

  94. Oh my gosh, this blender sounds amazing. I love how creamy and smooth it makes the smoothies. I also love the the soup function.

  95. Auto clean!

  96. All the features of these products are great; besides that I don’t own a blender and could make good use with one, plus all those great accessories!

  97. Love the vacuum pump for smoother smoothies.

  98. WOW I really love the auto clean button !

  99. I love the auto clean feature.

  100. series of one-touch programs

  101. I love the power, the look, and mos def the auto clean feature

  102. Hands down – it would be the auto Clean button.

  103. I like the auto clean button and the soup function.

  104. The auto clean is my favorite.

  105. Auto clean

  106. You had my at AUTO CLEAN haha. I bet it’s also a lot quieter than my current monstrosity! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  107. The Auto Clean feature is my favourite feature about the new Breville Super Q Blender appliance from Breville..I love their appliances and own several of them, but not the new Blender. As a former Burn Nurse, I am always cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. I spend more time, cleaning and disinfecting work space counters, appliances etc, as I am conscious of making sure that my guests do not get sick from my baking or cooking dishes. So, this new Blender sounds like a gift from Heaven!

  108. I like that you can use this blender to make nut butter. It looks great!

  109. Love that auto clean function! So much easier than trying to clean the blades by hand!

  110. The clean function

  111. The Vac Q seems like a really unique feature!

  112. I love that auto clean option! This is a great addition to any appliance! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  113. I love the one-touch programs

  114. auto clean is the one for me.

  115. I love the fact that it has a 68oz capacity because I make a lot of home made soup and freeze it in batches.

  116. I love that there are so many functions like a soup feature and one for frozen desserts!

  117. Stainless steel finish to compliment all the other appliances!

  118. I love how powerful it is! And of course,the clean button.

  119. The Auto Clean function.

  120. Professional grade and 1800 watts? Sounds like a winner to me! Thanks for the chance to win.

  121. the auto clean!

  122. Wow! What an amazing machine. I love the auto clean function. Thanks!

  123. I like that the blender comes with some extra accessories.

  124. Auto-clean is the most amazing feature !

  125. I like that there is an auto-clean option!

  126. The autoclean sounds great.

  127. Soup making feature sounds good

  128. OMG the auto clean function! That ROCKS!

  129. I like that it comes with a series of one-touch programs that have been optimized to produce the best results depending on what you are making.

  130. auto clean for sure!

  131. My favourite feature is the Vac Q vacuum pump.

  132. The auto clean button sounds great and the smoothie button would get used a lot.

  133. I like the personal sized cup.

  134. I love the auto clean feature

  135. My favourite feature is that it is BPA free and the auto clean feature

  136. I love the auto Clean feature!

  137. i like the vacuum pump accessory to really elevate my blending

  138. I like the 68oz capacity

  139. Vacuum pump is super cool

  140. I love that it has an auto clean feature. So cool!

  141. My favourite feature is the 1800 watt power. Good luck. Huggies.

  142. I love the big 68oz capacity jar.

  143. I live all the extras!!! I love a great blender that gets the job done.

  144. The auto clean.

  145. My favourite feature of the Breville Super Q Blender is the brand; honestly, Breville has amazing products that are engineering at the highest criteria, they are amazing! I also really like the 1800 WATT motor which has tremendous power, and the high capacity of the cup. Thank you!

  146. I like the power it has! With this power the cost of the Breville is still less than other brands. This is exciting.
    Self cleaning is a nice touch!

  147. I like the one touch programs that let you make different textures, from soup to crushed ice.

  148. i like the one touch functions, esp the Frozen Dessert one

  149. So many great features, but the CLEAN button is one I’d love to push!

  150. Soft texture, soup, clean button, to-go cup! Wow! I’m on a liquid/ no chewing diet for weeks after surgery now so all is very appealing to me. I’ve been using just a cheap personal cup blender for everything.

  151. I like Super Q Blender has 1800 Watt motor!

  152. You had me at … auto-clean!

  153. My fave feature? The CLEAN button of course!

  154. There are so many awesome features but my fave would have to be the self cleaning feature!!!

  155. I love that it has a 68 oz capacity and that the jug is BPA free.

  156. I like the soup feature

  157. The cleaning feature sounds really cool!

  158. It also has an auto Clean button; you just need to add clean water/detergent and press to get the best cleanse for the jug and blades. So easy! Just rinse and store after. I have never seen this feature before!

  159. The autoclean function is my favourite feature.

  160. I love the personal blending cup. It’s so convenient when I’m on the go.

  161. I would love to try this blender!

  162. WOW

  163. Self clean button, hands down!

  164. I like the series of one-touch programs optimized to produce the best results.

  165. Love the brand and I would like this blender for its power. Cheap blenders always
    die & you spend more money
    replacing them. I want it to last forever 🇨🇦🌎👍👍.

  166. I like the 1800 watt motor!!

  167. Wow, lots of amazing features in 1 machine

  168. The powerful 1800 watt motor will power through anything! This is a dream machine! Thanks for the chance.

  169. The very large 68 oz capacity is my favourite feature.

  170. I really like the Pulse/Ice Crush button feature!!!!

  171. auto-clean functionality

  172. I like the one touch feature. Sounds like an amazing blender to own.

  173. Definitely auto-clean

  174. My favourite feature is definitely the auto clean!

  175. Auto clean

  176. Auto clean is what I would need.


  178. I love that it comes with accessories like the personal to go cup. And the auto-clean feature. That is awesome.

  179. Nice

  180. My favourite feature is auto Clean button; you just need to add clean water/detergent and press to get the best cleanse for the jug and blades

  181. I love the 68oz size and the auto clean function. This would be an awesome blender to own and even better to win! Thanks for the chance!

  182. I really like how the Breville blender breaks up spinach and Kale
    and ice effectively

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    little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say
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  184. the powerful 1800 watt motor — I would love a blender that really works, and can make awesome smoothies !

  185. For me it would have to be the soup function

  186. I like the auto-clean function best! I have a very small, very old blender and trying to clean it is pretty frustrating – there’s always gunk in hard-to-reach places. Thank you for the chance to win!

  187. I like the auto clean and soup functions best.

  188. Wow, ѕuprb blog format! How long have you bbeen running
    a blog for? you make blogging glance easy. The entire glance of your site is magnifіcent, as well as tһe content!

  189. I love the auto clean button!

  190. I would love the Smoothie button – how helpful for making the perfect smoothie.

  191. I like the fact that it has an 1800 Watt motor…powerful enough for what I want to do with it.

  192. Definitely the auto cleaning button and soup making features sounds awesome!!

  193. Like the soup function. Winter is just around the corner. That will be the perfect time for soup!

  194. The autoclean button is my favourite.

  195. I love the 1800 Watt motor.

  196. I love that it has an Auto Clean setting!

  197. The Vac Q sounds very interesting.

  198. I would like to make soup with it.

  199. Auto clean

  200. the auto cleaning button! what a great feature!

  201. I love everything about this blender…especially the auto clean feature.

  202. I like all the functions especially the auto clean one.

  203. I think the auto cleaning feature sounds awesome!!

  204. My favourite feature is the large 68oz capacity jug

  205. Soup, that sounds great making soup in a blender

  206. I love it had a one touch program

  207. I like the size of the jug – great for sharing.

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  209. I like that it has an actual Smoothie button.. I love making smoothies and this would be so handy.

  210. I love that you can make hot soups in it. Wow!

  211. So versatile.

  212. What’s up, օf course thiis post is actually pleasant aand I
    have learned loot of thins from іtt regarding Ьlogging.

  213. I love that it has an auto clean feature!

  214. I love the auto clean button. I make smoothies a lot and my blender gets so dingy.

  215. I love all the extra accessories.

  216. I like the smoothie button and the auto clean!

  217. Would be awesome to win to get my grandchildren to eat their greens as well especially the youngest who was born with CF

    • Love the auto clean feature

  218. It sounds fantastic – I love that there are so many options – like crushing ice!

  219. I like that this blender is commercial-grade with a powerful motor — so I know that it can handle just about anything!

  220. My fav feature is the auto-clean.

  221. LOVEEEE the auto clean feature. Neat! Thanks!

  222. I like the various mixing programs – great options!!

  223. My favourite feature is the auto Clean button. So easy to clean

  224. Thankѕ on yoᥙr marbelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you might be a great аᥙthor.
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  225. I like the auto clean feature make life easier

  226. Love the idea of the vacuum pump for removing air. I make my Dad smoothies on a regular basis, and less air bubbles could mean less gassiness!

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  228. The one-touch programming is amazing!

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  230. I love the soup button and the one touch. What a awesome blender. Thanks for a chance

  231. The auto clean button is the coolest feature!! Would LOVE to win this!!

  232. I like the hot or cold soup button.

  233. There are so many things I like about this blender The various speeds to be able to make soup and icecream. The personal blender cup for on the go and of course the auto clean button

  234. I like the personal-sized cup best! But there’s a lot of great features here, the cup is just one of many. Thank you for the chance!

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  236. the jug is BPA-free

  237. I like the auto clean feature.

  238. auto clean button

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  240. I really like that it has a large jug! I use my blender daily for smoothies, making salsas, hummus, etc and it can be hard without a large jug!

  241. I’m really impressed by the many functions and of course the size to make big batches for efficiency !

  242. I love the fact that it does smoothies and soup!

  243. I would have to say the Auto Clean Button for sure! Dream GA! Thanks for the chance to win!! ❤️

  244. Definitely the auto Clean feature, it would make clean up a breeze

  245. the auto clean as struggle cleaning all the parts on my blender

  246. The one-touch programs are my favourite feature.

  247. Hot darn! I love, love, LOVE margaritas!!

  248. Auto clean for sure! But everything really!

  249. I like the one-touch buttons to make it easier

  250. I love that it has auto clean! Cleaning blenders can be such a pain! That’s a really unique feature to me.

  251. Wow !! What a beautiful blender. I think my favorite feature is the Auto Clean button. Thank you for this Great Giveaway 🙂

  252. I make a lot of blended soups and oh blender is on its last legs so I’d use that function

  253. I the Vac Q (BBL002) vacuum pump

  254. I really like the auto Clean button that is pretty neat

  255. So many wonderful features. My personal favourite is the auto clean button. Save some time for other activities. Thanks for the chance.

  256. I would have to say I really do like the fact it has an autoclean button. I also like the idea it has several attachments for different things.

  257. By far I love the auto Clean button – so unique and super helpful!

  258. I love that it’s huge and is BPA free

  259. auto clean – thats my dream!

  260. soo many attachments! love it!

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